Good writers use a diverse range of methods of development to elucidate their ideas. Many of us do this completely unconsciously. But students must be made aware of these methods (MODs) so they can dip into them at will to make outlines and flesh out ideas in compelling, clear ways. MODs build good writing.

Check out an overview of the 10 essential methods of development, illustrated tongue-in-cheek by memes:

Introduction to Methods of Development

The essay text I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual by Luvvie Ajayi is a great tool to support MOD instruction (and get your students thinking about many sociopolitical issues). A series of lively, though provoking essays keep it engaging.

Essay Activity: “Why Must You Suck at Friendship”

Essay Activity: “Racism is for Assholes”

Essay Activity: “The Privilege Principle”

Essay Activity: “Rape Culture is Real and it Sucks”

Essay Activity: “Nobody Wins at the Feminism Olympics”

MOD Group Presentation & Rubric